Solargis Analyst User Guide

What is Solargis Analyst

Solargis Analyst is a desktop software specifically designed for solar data assessment needs in the PV community e.g.technical advisors, energy utilities, PV project developers, EPCs, O&Ms, meteorological measurement providers, solar model providers, and research organizations.

Solargis Analyst addresses common pain points of those dealing with solar resource data analysis:

  • heterogeneity of input data
  • insufficient metadata
  • difficulties with visualization of data
  • different time-frequency of data
  • unreliable data
  • incomplete data
  • too big data
  • integration issues with other software tools
  • missing domain-specific analytical tools

The application is based on multi-year knowledge and expertise of Solargis and it is targeted to solar data analysts at different expertise levels, from basic to expert, working with solar resource, other meteorological data and PV energy data.