Web Services

WS API basics

WS API (or Solargis Web Services API) is XML based HTTP service for getting meteorological as well as PV simulation data for machine to machine communication.
As such it can not be used directly in web browser but instead can be accessed with one of the following ways:

  • Specialized standalone tools for making HTTP requests like SoapUI or Postman
  • Web browser plugins (like Postman)
  • Command line tools (like curl, wget which are native for Linux systems)
  • Customer's own implementation capable of doing HTTP POST requests (can be done in basically any programming language)

We recommend to first getting your requests working in those standalone tools (like SoapUI or Postman) before attempting your own implementation.
You can find more details on how to do it in our technical documentation.

From technical standpoint our WS API can operate in two modes:

  • REST
  • SOAP 

While both are perfectly fine we generally do not recommend accessing our API with SOAP as it is more complicated to implement and is suitable only for users with previous web services experience.
On the other hand: REST access is very straightforward to implement, all that is needed is to:

  • Make HTTP POST request with the account key as one of the URL parameters
  • In the request set content-type to application/xml
  • Provide XML configuration in the request body
  • XML configuration specifies things like your PV system layout, data period for which to fetch the data etc.

Afterwards - assuming the request and key are valid, the API will return response (columns of data) that is also in XML - which you can then use to feed your application / database etc.

From point of provided data we also provide two types of services:

  • DataDelivery (based on full historical + forecast time series up to 15 minute resolution)
  • PvPlanner (based on long term averages / statistical approaches performed on one "average" year of data)

Demo & free trial

If you are interested in trying our WS API please follow steps on our WS API technical documentation page. (You can either use free demo account or ask for free trial access)

WS API documentation

WS API technical support

If you are experiencing problems then please first follow our troubleshooting guide
If that didn't help to solve your problem then please contact our sales representative with following information

  • Exact XML of the request that is causing problems - ideally as email attached XML file. Please make sure that the provided request is complete and in XML format 
    (not for example an image / screenshot of the request or part of the source code that is generating the XML)
  • Detailed description of the error, for example:
    • server didn't respond / couldn't be reached / timed out
    • server did respond but with following HTTP error status code (and HTTP status code given)
    • you can also include detailed text error message provided by the WS API (if available) that you received while sending the request. 
      E.g. it may contain information that you have reached your daily limit of requests etc.
  • Time + date including timezone at which the error-nous call(s) was/were made (only necessary if error happened at specific times while the request was working at other times)

This information allows us to provide you with technical support more efficiently and therefore we will be able to resolve your technical problems much faster. 
Afterwards you can expect our feedback typically within 1-2 working days.